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Training and kayak rental

As a result of our commitment in training and developing sea kayaks and kayak surf, RPF Kayaks have been creating and investing in all the logistic needed to support training lessons. with all the kayaks and support equipment, (helmets, PFD's, paddles, spray-skirts, etc.) and with the logistic to transport all of this, we have everything needed by a kayaker, company, club or group of friends who wish to rent our equipment during the holidays or for a specific event.


Kayaks and Gear Rental

1 Kayak Sit-On-Top + paddle
(RPF Shark, Master or Maori)
30€ day
3 or more kayaks Sit-On-Top  + paddles
(RPF Shark, Master or Maori)
25€ day p/ kayak
1 Kayak Sit-Inside  + paddle
(RPF Flash, Diamond or Rapanui)
35€ day p/ kayak
3 or more kayaks Sit-Inside  + paddles
(RPF Flash, Diamond or Rapanui)
30€ day p/ kayak

 - The kayaks and gear rental implies the signature of a term of responsibility and the payment of a safety caution.
 - The kayak or gear rental may be refused, or cancelled, without any previous communication from RPF Kayaks, and all the remaining credits will bee refunded to the costumers

Where are we located!

The RPF Kayaksurf is located in Portugal, in the city of Figueira da Foz, and we have the ability to transport our kayaks to any other location or Portuguese beach, (by request only!).

If you what more information, please feel free to mail us to geral@rpfkayaks.com or by contact one of our partners!

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