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Wood Sea Kayaks
By Silvério Palma




RPF Kayaks had recently add a new line of sea kayaks, handmade wood sea kayaks!

As a result of a new partnership with the well-known constructer and designer of wood sea kayaks Silvério Palma, we are now offering the possibility of owning a real piece of kayak art. This wood kayaks are unique pieces, with custom designs, built with the best exotic and noble woods together with the best techniques and using the latest technology, which creates a unique, high quality kayak...a prestige product to meet the most demanding kayakers.

Using a CAD program to analyze the design, hydrodynamic and the basic features of witch kayak, the final release is only printed after being checked out by the experience eyes of Silvério Palma so that every one of his kayaks had the expected behavior and performance. We really want to create special kayak to special kayakers. 

Handmade using the Stitch-N-Glue technic and the best types of wood, the final result is incredible light and strong with a weight/resistance ratio capable of matching the most fiber kayaks.

If you want to know more about this kayaks, send us an e-mail to info@rpfkayaks.com!








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