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About RPF Kayaks...

In 1993, by the hand of Rui Fonseca, RPF Kayaking has born, combining the experience and passion of its founder by kayaks and sport in general, the RPF Kayaking starts with the importation, distribution and kayak renting. Born from this huge passion by all types of kayaks, the desire to design and build new types of kayaking was just a natural step for Rui and his team.

Using the latest techniques of construction and testing methods, we are continuously trying to improve our products, according to our customers demands, listening to their suggestions, needs and comments, so that we can continually improve performance and reliability.

With specially designed sea products, we want our "babies" to show all their abilities, giving evidence of strength in the most adverse conditions, always raising the performance, so that you can feel the passion we built in every of our products.

"..evolve and learn, until you die..."

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